Yellow Bathroom Ideas

Yellow bathroom ideas penetrate into modern design of both large and small bathrooms. This trend is not accidental and is dictated by the fact that the yellow color has an extremely positive impact on people. Yellow painted bathroom can make you feel refreshed in the morning and keep you in a good mood during your day. It is undeniable that we think of the sun and light at the first mention of the yellow color. So why not to turn a small room in your apartment into the most lively and sunny place by decorating a yellow bathroom?

Yellow Bathroom Ideas

Yellow color includes many shades: quiet saffron, light pear, juicy lemon, bright yellow, corn, dark mustard and many others. Therefore, the yellow color palette is the most universal for a bathroom. So, let’s find out how to decorate a yellow bathroom?

Yellow bathroom decorating ideas have a number of advantages. This color is able to give space and volume to your bathroom because of its brightness and deep glow. In addition, it adds light into your bathroom which is particularly relevant if we deal with a bathroom in an apartment where there is no window. Despite all the advantages of yellow, you should approach to the choice of its shades and combinations very cautiously. Completely light yellow bathroom can provoke nausea and dizziness.

Yellow Bathroom Pictures

Designers’ Tips and Secrets

While realizing yellow bathroom decor ideas for the walls and the floor, give preference to various shades of yellow. Combining bright yellow walls in bathroom with a brown or chocolate floor looks very impressive. White floor can emphasize the cheerful color of your sunny bathroom. In design of the walls you can use not only yellow bathroom tiles but also paint or even waterproof wallpapers. The latter is appropriate for a classic style bathroom.

Safari style allows you to make a little exotic corner in your bathroom. Combination of yellow, green and brown, natural materials and decorative elements creates a mysterious, almost surreal landscape. Pay particular attention to yellow bathroom accessories in this case.

Yellow can be used not only in the surface finishing. Modern technology helped to create colored sanitary ware. A sink of a bright color and futuristic shape is able to give you a charge of vital energy in the morning. Choose bathroom furniture in rich sunny shades. Pay attention to brown, chestnut and hazel colors and wood patterns in furniture design. Pearl, gray, cocoa, blue, aubergine and petrol colors also match yellow bathroom design.

If you are not ready to decorate your bathroom completely in one color you can turn to the method of accents. Place a bright yellow piece of furniture against a neutral background to make your bathroom unique and unobtrusively bright. A cabinet, a sink or bright rugs can perform the role of such an accent.

Bathroom walls covered with yellow tile for bathroom fill the room with comfort and warmth. Shades of lemon and pastel give a beautiful combination with white, red and black. Mosaics will help to create a harmonious trio or duet of colors. If you want to add luxury to your interior, buy vintage furniture with golden elements or surface. Such bathroom furniture gains a special effect when combined with dark shades such as chocolate or wenge.

The Rules of Color Combination

The color combination in yellow bathrooms is based upon several formulas. The first formula involves the use of complementary or additional colors. The chosen colors arranged opposite to each other create a bold contrasting combination. Purple will be a match for yellow according to this formula.

Color experts offer to use the combination of yellow-orange and yellow-green. Such solutions are the most comfortable for your eyes and are often used in the classic, romantic, retro and country style designs because of their tranquility and absence of sharp contrasts and bright spots.

Using contrasting colors in bathroom interior shows your creativeness and courageous nature. Contrast yellow bathroom design involves yellow, blue and magenta colors. This is not a complete list of possible color combinations. Often, designers opt for combinations of white and yellow, yellow and green, blue, red, gray and wood tones. The use of these colors provides warm and airy atmosphere.

Such shades of yellow like beige, caramel and cream-lemon perfectly match warm brown tones. Bright colors of orange and red can be taken as the third color for accessories.

Bathroom in yellow color, full of comfort and light, will become a special room in your house or apartment.

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