Luxury Bathroom Designs

Large bathroom is a sign of luxury. You can find such luxurious bathrooms in rich cottages and spacious modern apartments. Their owners do not have to think about how to “squeeze” something nice and cozy between a bath and a vanity to add the room comfort and some style. While thinking over a luxury bathroom designs you can vent your imagination and fulfill all your boldest decorating ideas and plans. If you like natural materials like stone you can even have a luxury marble bathroom. Interior design of luxury bathrooms should be so appealing that one would want to live there.

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Main Zones

Luxurious bathroom designs are characterized by spacious rooms where you do not have to think about how to divide the space and highlight each area. But modern building materials and luxury bathroom accessories help to create even small luxury bathrooms. If you dream of a big luxurious bathroom you can achieve it by remodeling a bit your house or apartment.

If there is enough space and bathroom appliances are already located in their own zones, you should consider how to visually separate them from each other. You may use partitions: fixed or sliding, made of various materials. Luxury bathroom design ideas allow you to create a separate area for a bathtub, or you can combine it with a shower area; select a zone that will be used only for washing your face and a separate toilet zone. You can even install two showers and vanities in order not to queue every morning near the basin waiting your turn to brush your teeth.

While making renovations, you should decide whether to include a separate space for laundry equipment. If such space is needed, it is better to separate it, for example, with a built-in wardrobe where you can store your household stuff. Thus, this area will be hidden, and will not “spoil” the entire design.

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Color, Tiles and Sanitary Ware

Luxury bathroom ideas have no limits for the color palette. There is no need to use only light colors to visually expand the space. Forget about the boring white color. The main thing is not to use more than 4 basic colors; otherwise the room might look overloaded.

The second question that must be addressed in considering the interior design is the size of sanitary ware items. Big bathrooms allow their owners to realize many luxurious bathroom ideas and set a large bath or even a mini-pool. But in this case make sure you know the maximum load that the bathroom floor can withstand.

When designing a luxury bathroom there is no need to place a bathtub in a corner. You have a possibility to install it wherever you want, even in the center of your bathroom. Then it will become the heart of all the planned composition, especially if the chosen model is a masterpiece itself. Along with the bath you can install a shower cubicle. Today it is possible to choose the model that perfectly meets the strictest demands as for the size and function.

Luxury bathroom decor gives an opportunity to expand the sides of the bath. It can be built into the podium, which repeats its shape or has one or more steps. This design will add beauty and convenience. In this case you have an opportunity to place some items you will need during bathing on the sides of the bathtub. Moreover, if you put candles around your bathtub you will transform bath time into a magical event.

Spacious bathroom makes it possible to equip a sauna or a steam room on its territory. Thus, your bathroom will become a place not only for hygiene procedures but also for relaxation and recreation.

Another important thing is the choice of luxury bathroom tiles. Big tiles are very good for spacious bathrooms. You can have a tiled floor with gorgeous ornaments, but don’t forget to put rugs near the bathtub, toilet and shower cabin. There are many beautiful tiles ideas for the walls. One of them is a landscape made of tiles or mosaic.

Some Words about Furniture

When designing the interior of a large bathroom do not forget about the furniture. Its presence adds to your bathroom luxury and unforgettable style. Besides, furniture also brings convenience and comfort.

Among the wide variety of furniture items you can choose the option that best fits the overall design of your interior and will satisfy all your desires. The main criterion for the furniture selection is the area where you plan to place it. This can be a handy cabinet with one or two sinks or built-in closets located along one or more walls. Large bathroom makes it possible to install big and small mirrors, multiple shelves and cabinets to store towels and bathroom items. In addition, the luxurious bathroom design may include the installation of a small dressing table, which will match the overall style of the furniture.

Luxurious bathroom has to include a place where you can relax. The choice of furniture will depend on how spacious your bathroom is. It may be a small padded stool or an upholstered chair. You can buy even an armchair or a sofa if there is enough space. Nowadays you can find sofas and chairs specially designed for bathrooms – they are waterproof and can withstand high humidity.

Large bathroom should have a window or even two. Windows completely change the way we perceive the bathroom, they evoke certain feelings. If there are no windows in your bathroom you have an opportunity to paint one, which enables you to choose the landscape you will see in this artificial window. Live plants in pots placed near this window will add more realism.

Bathroom which has a window is hard to imagine without curtains. They will contribute to coziness and splendor. Curtains are absolutely essential for bathrooms which have painted windows, as they make a “window” look more real.

You can arrange curtains around the tub, separating it from the rest of the room.

A Place to Relax

Bathroom is not just a place to wash. It is a place where you can relax and calm down. Luxury bathroom designs make it possible to get a complete psychological relief. For those who like to look at water, large bathroom provides an excellent opportunity to establish an aquarium or a small pond with a waterfall.

Many people prefer to take a bath in the flickering candlelight. Happy owners of spacious bathrooms can afford to install a fireplace in this room. Equipping the fireplace with a chimney can become quite problematic, but the installation of the electric fireplace or bio fireplace with natural fire is possible.

Recent developments make it possible to install a stereo-system, TV and DVD-player in the bathroom. There are models of baths, which already have a built-in TV. If you want to have some gadgets in your bathroom, try to choose models that are designed to work in a room with high humidity.

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