Italian Bathroom Design

When we speak about an interior in Italian design, we usually imagine an elegant room in antique baroque style with many fanciful details and plenty of mirrors. Indeed, until recently many Italian designers have worked in the style of Venetian luxury and this design has firmly settled in many wealthy homes not only in Italy and became even a sign of Italian quality. But over the time even their approach to the design of buildings, rooms and furniture has changed: there is now less details and decorations, the shapes became stricter and pastel color palette was substituted with more “serious” shades.

Italian Bathroom Design

Similar changes have affected Italian style bathrooms as well, but this does not mean that the Italians do not pay enough attention to this room. Simply because bathroom has become more multi-functional, furniture, walls, sinks, floor decoration and even lighting acquired a slightly different style. Therefore, if an Italian style bathroom is the idea you want to fulfill, make sure your bathroom is spacious enough, as it should contain a bathtub, a toilet, a bidet, a vanity and, of course, convenient and spacious furniture for towels, personal hygiene products and cosmetics.

Italian Bathroom Design Images

Italian Style Bathroom Features

Modern Italian bathroom furniture should be very resistant to humidity and moisture in addition to its beautiful and comfortable design. Another useful step taken by the Italian designers is a decision not to place the furniture on the floor. Now it is installed directly on the walls of the room, which makes cleaning underneath much easier.

In Italian houses shower cubicle is usually located in another bathroom, which is also used for a washing machine installation and other household “utility”. The first bathroom where the bath tub is located is used for relaxation and beauty; it is worth showing to guests. The second bathroom, where there is a shower, is usually simple in its design, because it is needed for every day hygiene procedures. But if you don’t have two bathrooms in your house, it is quite possible to replace a bath with a shower cubicle to save some free space.

Walls Decoration, Lighting and Accessories

For walls decoration in Italian bathroom designs many designers use tree-dimensional tiles with a simple pattern or horizontal lines.

Typically in Italian bathroom design light beige and matte tile is used for the walls decoration and it is a good designing idea to use dark chocolate tiles for the floor decoration. A fashionable option in Italian bathroom decor today is using tiles with an effect of scratches and even artificially deformed ones. Such tiles are good for decorating walls. Fans of classical style may choose mosaics in warm colors, but it requires from you choosing matching Italian bathroom furniture and a ceiling lamp in the same classical style.

Italians hardly imagine a bathroom without a natural light source, even if the window is always closed with dark curtains. But if there is no window in your bathroom take care of good lighting. Large mirrors will definitely help to distribute the light in the room and also will visually expand bathroom space.

Contemporary Italian themed bathroom permits both lighting in the shower and the abundance of iron and glass elements. And if you like accessories in the interior, Italian bathrooms are a good field for your imagination. There will always be a place for a picture or a fancy holder for toothbrushes or towels.

All this does not mean that fans of the classic Italian baroque should forget about the bathroom from Italian designer. Many of them remain faithful to the traditions and continue to create luxury bathrooms, like Italian marble bathroom with painting on the cabinets, round, delicate forms and even a washing basin looking like a huge lotus. When choosing a style, make sure that the color of sanitary ware is not snow-white, as it is customary in minimalism and high-tech. Italian bathroom ideas include installing yellowish or pale pink vanity. It is better to choose taps in shabby copper color like in antique style. A mirror frame also may be of the most voluminous and unusual shapes.

Bathroom in Italian style is always extremely cozy, especially if it is done tastefully and accurately. When you choose a designer for your bathroom, look through his previous works in the desired style to be sure that you will be happy with the result of renovation of your bathroom.

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