Brown Bathroom

When it comes to brown interior, we first imagine the natural wood – massive wooden tables, carved armrests on chairs, flooring and other decorative elements of this beautiful material. This is all classics. But why not come to such an important matter as design of your home with a share of imagination and use brown color in the bathroom interior?

Brown bathroom ideas

Bathroom in brown tones is just a win-win situation, especially for those who are not particularly fond of changes and do not intend to make repairs often. Brown is neutral, it creates a sense of tranquility. Interior in brown colors will not bore you; you just have to change small accessories from time to time.

Pictures Of Brown Bathrooms

Interior Design

If you have already decided that bathroom in your house has to be brown, avoid a few common mistakes:

  • Do not use too dark shades of brown to paint small bathrooms: this will make the room look smaller.
  • If the bathroom in your house is not the warmest place, try to pick for the floor and walls the warmest possible tone or combine with light colors. You can even draw the walls in the bathroom in different colors.
  • Don’t make your bathroom brown all over, from floor to ceiling. Too much brown in the bathroom can make it dark and uncomfortable, but it won’t happen if you find the right shade and add other colors to your interior.

Variety Of Colors

Brown color raises pleasant associations: invigorating morning coffee aroma or sweetness of milk chocolate, or sun-warmed trees in summer forest. This diversity of images is due to the great variety of shades of brown – from almost beige to dark, almost black.

The most popular shades in brown bathroom designs are the following:

  • Natural wood color of brown bathrooms does not lose its relevance since the desire for simplicity and the desire to get closer to nature is back in vogue.
  • Venge color is one of the shades of natural wood and a perfect solution for dark brown bathroom. In the interior it can be combined with red and pink tones.
  • Milk chocolate is the most appetizing shade in brown color gamma. This color is perfect not only for confectionery, but also for a chocolate brown bathroom interior. This warm tone literally envelops you, giving a feeling of comfort and good mood.
  • Cafe au lait for a light brown bathroom also creates pleasant taste associations, it invigorates and keeps you up.

Here are some brown bathroom ideas and some common styles of brown bathroom decor.

Combination With Beige

One of the most popular companions for brown is beige. The combination of these colors can help to visually adjust the dimensions of the bathroom and to make it more spacious. You can use the classic version of “light top, dark bottom” for your brown walls. A cozy blend of brown and beige will add elegance and nobility to your bathroom.

Combination With White

Brown often occurs in combination with white. In nature there are the snow-covered tree branches or milk foam in a cup of coffee. It is rare to find a bathroom absolutely without white, as white is the most popular color for bathroom equipment. Therefore, the combination of brown and white in the bathroom design is very popular. These colors balance each other out, as brown (especially its dark shades) has light-absorbing properties and white has light reflective ones.

Combination With Other Colors

While combining brown color with other colors, you should be very careful. Usually, the combination of brown with bright, vivid colors looks a bit flashy. Therefore, if you decide to liven up the interior of a brown bathroom, you should choose soft, pastel shades.
For example, obviously good are combinations of brown with green, yellow, turquoise and blue. You can choose furniture and sanitary ware of rich colors. Another way to use complementary colors in the interior of your bathroom is to use a third color. This color serves as a bridge between the main two colors. As a rule, this bridge may be white or beige.

Suitable Styles

The combination of brown color with other colors will help to create the style of your bathroom.

Natural combination of brown and green shades can be used in an eco or country style bathroom. It suffices to add wooden accessories.

Brown color in classic interior is associated with wooden decorative elements. In addition, in classic interior the combination of black and white is very common. If you replace black with brown, the classic style of the bathroom will remain, but the contrast between the colors will not be that strong.

Retro style is characterized by the combination of brown with different shades of blue. In this case, you should opt for light and chocolate shades of brown.

For a modern bathroom in art nouveau style interesting is a combination of brown with metal parts, white and gray.

Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware does not have to be white. For a brown bathroom perfect colors are beige, light yellow, green and blue. Today in stores there is a huge selection of baths, sinks, toilets, vanities and bathroom furniture in various colors.

Brown Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Using brown tile for bathroom walls decoration will help you to visually change the parameters of the room according to your wishes. For example, to visually raise the ceiling you should lay brown tiles in thin vertical stripes. The same stripes laid horizontally will make the bathroom look a little more spacious.

Another way to visually make the ceiling higher is to lay floor tiles of a darker shade than the walls. Brown floor tiles are a great solution for the bathroom, looking stylish and unusual. Brown bathroom tiles come is many variants: simple, smooth tiles, stone and wood imitation. When choosing tiles, consider the following:

  • Ordinary smooth brown tiles are best used together with tiles imitating stone or wood. This technique will give your bathroom more style. Using patterns makes the room more interesting.
  • Stone-imitating tile has a completely opposite effect. It will help you to “cool down” your bathroom. You can use brown marble as well.
  • Wood-imitating tiles are not related to any particular style so may be acceptable in almost any interior. Such tiles will make the room warmer.

Lighting For Brown Bathroom

If your bathroom is made in brown, it is very important to choose the right lighting. You can use a variety of light sources – not only the usual ceiling lamps, but also wall brackets, mirrors lighting, floor lighting and so on. Use soft warm light to create comfort.

Brown Bathroom Furniture

The classic combination of white and brown is perfect for bathroom design. White furniture is the best combined with brown walls and floors. The same can be said about beige furniture. Beige wall decoration goes well with brown furniture, for example, brown bathroom cabinets.

If you use tiles imitating natural wood in the decor of your bathroom, they perfectly go with wooden furniture. You should not consider only the abovementioned options because brown can combine with the majority of colors. Experiment and enjoy your brown bathroom decorating ideas!

Brown Bathroom Accessories

Accessories play an important role in creating the mood of any room in the house. In the bathroom they are particularly important because they are not only pleasing your eyes, but also useful. All these small things – fluffy towels and rugs, mirrors, linen baskets and soap dispensers make our lives more comfortable.

Smart hint: to emphasize the special chocolate mood of your bathroom, buy candles with the scent of your favorite sweets, coffee or vanilla.

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