Blue Bathroom Ideas

Warm shower can help you to get rid of stress if you are tired and nervous. Another way to calm down is color therapy. That is why it will be quite smart to combine the two options and turn your bathroom into a relaxing place. Recent trends in design show that blue becomes increasingly common in the most fashionable blue bathroom designs. Blue is the color of the sky and water, so it looks natural.

Blue Bathroom Ideas

Three Shades of Blue for the Bathroom Design

Your bathroom will look very stylish if you use several shades of blue in its design. For example, combine blue, dark blue and pale blue for walls and floor decoration.

Blue bathroom decorating ideas suggest creating several areas, making your bathroom brighter and more spacious. You can outline the room with floral patterns in light blue tones. Furthermore, you can use dark vertical stripes located at substantially lighter background. Try to pick up a bathtub, a vanity and a sink also in pale blue tones corresponding to the interior.

Blue Bathroom Pictures

Features of Blue

Experts say that blue is good for your nervous system and normalizes blood pressure. Blue walls help to overcome insomnia. Together with the soothing effect of warm water in your bath with some salt and aromatic herbs they will help you to relieve stress and fall asleep.

In addition, blue tones are very popular nowadays, and numerous interior design magazines are filled with pictures of blue bathrooms ideas. If you have already decided to have a dark blue bathroom, then you can proceed to the choice of materials for its decoration. However, the range of the materials is huge, and depends on the budget that you are willing to spend on bathroom renovation.

  • Ceramic blue tiles for bathroom. Tile is the most common material for finishing the bathroom. It is durable and is ideal for wet environments. Besides, it can be made in any colors and textures;
  • Blue paint for bathroom is a good economical solution;
  • Plastic panels. The most economical option is using plastic. The advantage of this material is that there is no need to level the wall before panel installation;
  • Artificial stone. This material does not absorb moisture and is very strong. Though, the stone plates are quite thick, heavy and expensive. But they can help to realize modern and fashionable light blue bathroom ideas;
  • Mosaic patterns. It is very fashionable to use blue mosaic bathroom tiles in decoration. With such a coating your bathroom can look like a luxurious Turkish bathroom. Oriental patterns will look impressive on the walls, expanding the space due to the small details. In addition to ethnic motives, you can create other mosaic pictures.

Style and Design Recommendations

There are many blue bathroom ideas. Combining blue with other colors you can create a particular style. Here are some tips on how to decorate a blue bathroom:

  • Blue combined with the color of sand can create a classic interior. Choose saturated shades of blue and yellow and make the transition with light gray or white;
  • Mediterranean style is characterized by delicate blue and white tones with a few contrasting spots or thin borders with ethnic patterns;
  • To create a retro style use light shades of blue for walls, golden for sanitary items and fittings, and bright blue for the accessories;
  • Classical interior is only relevant in large bathrooms. In such bathrooms designers usually use natural high quality materials: wood veneers, natural stone of blue hues and high quality porcelain sanitary ware;
  • Contemporary style fans should give preference to the deep uniform blue color, clear lines and strict forms. Metallic and mirror elements are extremely important in modern blue bathroom.

To emphasize the design of the bathroom in blue tones, make the ceiling of the same color. Trivial white coating is not in vogue. While lying in the water you can admire, for example, painted clouds on a blue sky.

It is a good idea to supply bathroom floor with heating. This is particularly convenient in winter. Do not forget about waterproof rugs, matching the overall interior. It is not necessary to overload the atmosphere with one color using blue bathroom tiles for the floor. It is better to choose a neutral milky or other light color floor tiles that will harmonize with the wall tiles. Apart from the main blue color in the floor design, you can use gray, black, brown and shades of brown.

The same advice concerns sanitary ware. Small blue bathroom ideas include installing snow white or beige sanitary ware. That will make your bathroom seem larger. Choose light brown or hazel color for the furniture.

If you want to observe all the rules of modern interior, pay attention to the correct selection of blue bathroom accessories. If your bathroom is sufficiently large and has a window, think about curtains. They may be fabric or beaded. The last option looks very attractively, because the beads glitter resembles marine treasures. Add a colorful soap dispenser and a toothbrush stand, hang white towels – and your blue bathroom decor will amaze even the most discerning guest.

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