Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Many famous designers claim that classic colors will always exist in bathroom design. Black and white themed bathroom is one of the greatest decorating ideas. From this article you’ll learn how to decorate a black and white bathroom.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Before you start fulfilling black and white bathroom ideas look through various options, read recommendations and tips of experienced designers and only afterwards proceed to the creation of your own black and white bathroom designs.

You should remember that it is easy to spoil bathroom design with a wrong color. That is why you have to approach modern black & white bathrooms ideas seriously and distribute black and white colors in your bathroom properly.

The Advantage of Black and White Bathroom

Black and white color combination is an excellent choice. Let us consider the advantages of black and white bathroom decor ideas:

  • This color combination is considered to be traditional and it has not lost its relevance and stylishness over the years;
  • Bathroom design executed in black and white shades is applicable to any style of decoration. For example you can create a black and white vintage bathroom;
  • Various combinations of these colors open you many options of their use. For instance, you can experiment on their contrast creating a black and white striped bathroom.

There are no disadvantages in a bathroom decorated in black and white, unless it was done by an amateur designer who did not consider a combination of colors and their amount in the room. This is extremely relevant to small black and white bathroom ideas.

Black and White Bathroom Pictures

Recommendations of Experienced Designers

Before starting work, you must determine which color will dominate in your bathroom. Some tips from experienced designers can help you. Read them carefully:

  • Domination of white suggests more frequent cleaning, especially if you have snow white floor tiles;
  • Black bath and toilet requires from you more thorough care about their cleanness;
  • Black and white bathroom tiles in a small bathroom should have prevalence of white color. That will help to visually expand the bathroom space;
  • Bathroom ceiling looks higher if it is white;
  • Shower curtain can be transparent or with black and white patterns;
  • If you make two opposite walls black and the other two white, it will make the bathroom seem longer.

Black and White Bathroom Designing

It is easier to start bathroom decoration with flooring. The best decision is to make it look like a chessboard. Pick black and white tile for bathroom floor. Such contrast always looks impressive. And if your bathroom is small, black and white bathroom tile pavement can be done diagonally. That will visually expand the space.

Then proceed to the walls decoration. Remember that longitudinal stripes of any color and material makes the room seem longer. If you decorate white walls with dark vertical lines, you can be sure that the room will be visually higher.

Black walls in a bathroom look perfectly. The room becomes strict and elegant, besides white accessories look impressively on the black background. The main thing is moderation. If you overdo with black, the whole design will be ruined.

Black color in a small bathroom visually reduces the space. So remember that black can dominate only in large bathrooms. Keep in mind that entirely black bathroom looks gloomy and even a white vanity, rugs and other light furniture will not fix the situation.

Purchase high-quality glossy ceramic tile to make your bathroom look rich and elegant. Such black and white bathroom tile will perfectly reflect light and glare.

The ceiling must be white, as it will seemingly expand the entire room and make it look higher. In such a bathroom you will never have the feeling that the ceiling is pressing you from above.

Sanitary Ware and Furniture

Do not buy furniture and sanitary ware of the same color with your bathroom walls. They should contrast with each other. The room with dark walls should be equipped with white sanitary ware. If you do not adhere to this rule, all will merge into one dark spot.

You should stick to the main style you have taken as a basis for your bathroom design. Carefully and thoughtfully choose colors and shades combinations. Judging upon the bathroom space decide which color is better as a dominant one. Size of furniture and sanitary ware plays crucial role in the bathroom design. Right proportions will make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Accessories, Lighting and Mirrors

Proper placement of lighting in the bathroom will create comfortable atmosphere. There should be a lot of good quality light. It should separate the room into different functional areas.

  1. If there is a lack of light in your bathroom, it will seem smaller, and all your efforts to create a certain style will be in vain;
  2. Mirrors are very important in bathroom design. Properly placed mirrors should not reflect unattractive areas of the bathroom;
  3. Mirrors should reflect light and beautiful accessories.

The color palette of bathroom accessories may vary. But it is necessary that they fit your overall style. Let them differ from the color of the walls; they will embellish the whole image. In addition to the beauty, accessories should also be functional.

Now you know more about black and white bathroom ideas. Such interior is memorable and will surprise not only you but also your friends.

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